Galaxy Skating Rink of Niles

Code of Conduct
Galaxy Skating Rink
is a
Family Owned Establishment

We are dedicated to providing a safe, clean
environment.  To accomplish this goal the following rules
will be strictly enforced.

  • No Smoking.

  • No Foul Language.

  • No Gum Chewing.

  • No in-and-out Privileges.

  • No loitering in lobby or around building.

  • No alcoholic beverages or narcotics allowed
    anywhere on the property.

  • Patrons will conduct themselves as ladies
    and gentlemen at all times.

  • No hats will be worn in the building.

  • No sitting on walls, railings, tables, or

  • All food will be kept in the snack bar area.

  • Everyone must have skates on their feet at
    all times. (parent spectators only)

  • Management reserves the right to refuse
    entrance to anyone for any reason.

  • Persons entering the building assume all
    risk regarding accidents or injury.